image courtesy BCPA

image courtesy BCPA


Location: Tacoma, WA

Client: Tacoma Art Live (formerly Broadway Center for the Performing Arts)

Tacoma Arts Live is the South Sound’s flagship performing arts, entertainment, and education organization, and manages several historic venues on behalf of the City of Tacoma.  In 2016, the organization adopted a strategic plan to guide efforts around community engagement, financial sustainability, business practices, and future growth. The plan gave rise to an institutional identity and branding process, as well as a strategic review to benchmark the organization’s policies and performance against its peers.  KO Projects led a comprehensive Organizational Assessment to benchmark Tacoma Arts Live against its peers, and examine selected institutional policies and projects. 

Our work included:

  • A detailed survey of nine regional peer organizations

  • A scan of Tacoma Arts Live’s adherence to its core duties in stewarding its historic civic facilities, and comparing these responsibilities to peers

  • Reviewing planned capital improvements and project partnerships. 

  • Comparing its curatorial process and programmatic inventory with that of other regional and national performing arts centers

Armed with the recommendations of the Organizational Assessment, and building on the successful passage of Tacoma Creates arts funding legislation, Tacoma Arts Live looks ahead with confidence in deepening engagement with and service to its audiences and supporters.