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Historic Fort Snelling ECONOMIC ANALYSIS

Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN             
Client: Minnesota Historical Society

St. Paul’s 300-acre Historic Fort Snelling, a national heritage destination and well-known Twin Cities landmark, is owned and operated by Minnesota Historical Society, a quasi-public entity.  Katie Oman has worked with MNHS since 2015 to develop a multi-faceted market and economic analysis, staffing and management plan, revenue analysis, and operating pro forma to support an ambitious re-imagining of the site’s facilities, programs, and public role.

The planned project includes the transformation of an existing historic buildings into a new visitors and event/conference center, and substantial changes to the types of programs, partners, and attendees at the site.  Katie worked closely with MNHS leadership to guide capital project decision-making in the context of market demand, earned revenue, staffing and operating impacts.  Potential community partnerships ranging from arts and culture festivals to education programs, participatory workshops, and community gatherings to weddings, meetings, and conference rentals was a key part of project planning.

The study’s work resulted in a detailed operating pro forma, programming plan, and capital development approach.  We also modeled the economic relationship between MNHS’s individual sites and the organization as a whole, resulting in new thinking about how the sites act within the operational ecosystem of this $65m/year organization.

*The first phase of this project was completed while with AMS Planning & Research.