image courtesy TheatreSquared / Marvel Architects

image courtesy TheatreSquared / Marvel Architects


Location: Fayetteville, AR

Client: TheatreSquared

In 2019, TheatreSquared will complete construction on 50,000 square-foot multi-venue new theatre facility in downtown Fayetteville.  The building will be a new home for live theatre in Northwest Arkansas, and will catapult TheatreSquared onto the national stage as an influential producing company in the Southeast and beyond.  With the new facility will come a transformation of the organization in terms of scale, staffing, expense and revenue sources, operations, and, of course, vision.
As the building design nears completion and groundbreaking approaches, TheatreSquared has identified the need to develop key areas of its business plan in more detail.  KO Projects undertook an intensive business planning study in order to:

  • Review the current business plan to confirm the areas that need more detailed development & inquiry

  • Convene a workshop to solicit input on these areas (and others) from leaders of peer venues nationwide, based on their experiences on similar projects

  • Recommend business planning best practices and identify what (if any) further business planning work may be needed

The core of the study, gathering these leaders for a day-long workshop to share relevant experiences and give feedback on TheatreSquared’s plans, substantially progressed the business planning process in a short time, provided TheatreSquared with valuable data on which to base its operational modeling for the new venue, and equipped the organization with a network of professional mentors invested in the project’s success.

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