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Location: Port Angeles, WA
Client: Port Angeles Waterfront Center Committee / LMN Architects

KO Projects worked with LMN Architects to develop a holistic organizational and facilities concept for the Port Angeles Waterfront Center.  The Center’s genesis was a multi-million dollar bequest with the stated goal of construction a performing arts center in Port Angeles to serve local fine and performing arts organizations.  Demand for event and conference space in town had also been identified, as well as a desire for a destination building on the City’s waterfront.  The gift of an ideally-situated waterfront parcel catalyzed an intensive study of the project’s possibilities and parameters.

 The objectives of the Institutional Planning portion of this study were to:

  • Clarify project vision, purpose, and goals;

  • Identify functional needs, cost issues, market factors, and operational and operational considerations to inform project planning;

  • Generate recommended project approaches for consideration by project leadership;

  • Identify a preferred direction and make recommendations for facility needs, management and operations approach, and capital structure.

KO Projects’ work evaluated economic influences, operational approaches, and programming considerations to inform design and capital campaign planning.  The study’s methodology included a comprehensive market scan, a needs analysis for both local performing arts and conference/event uses, comparative studies of venues in peer markets across the country, and recommendations for programming, operations, and capital structure frameworks.  KO Projects also developed a comprehensive business and economic plan for the proposed $47million project.

With: LMN Architects, Collins Group