playground multi-venue facility concept

Location: San Francisco, CA
Client: PlayGround

Due to rising real estate prices and the rapid development of neighborhoods throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, small and mid-sized arts organizations have had an increasingly difficult time accessing the space they need. This displacement leads to institutional uncertainty and financial upheaval, which hampers program development and prevents these organizations from effectively delivering on their missions.
Having experienced space insecurity in their own operations, PlayGround, a nonprofit theatre organization devoted to supporting the development of new local voices for the theatre, envisioned a new facility that could help address this space crisis.  PlayGround would develop a multi-venue facility for their own use and as a resource for other small- and mid-sized groups to rent year-round.  In partnership with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, PlayGround engaged the consulting team of KO Projects and The Shalleck Collaborative to:

  • clarify the project vision, purpose, and goals
  • create a framework for evaluating facility/site opportunities
  • identify the main functional needs, cost issues, and operational considerations for project planning
  • make recommendations to move the project ahead. 

The study resulted in a series of near, medium and long-term steps for PlayGround to develop institutional readiness, move through project development, and finally manage implementation and long-term operation of the planned facility.

With: The Shalleck Collaborative